Choosing the Right Tofu

Before you buy

   Tofu is a very good source of protein so why not purchase tofu with the most protein and get value for your money.

Nigari tofu will always give the most grams of protein per pound of tofu.
Soy Dairy tofu has 13 grams per 3 oz. Serving.
Other tofu made with calcium sulfate has approximately 5 grams protein per 3 oz. Serving.

Which One to Buy

   The firm style will work for most every recipe. When blending for a pudding, pies, etc. it will work fine but take a little longer to blend and a little more liquid. Firm styles are best for stir frying because it will hold up better even when cut into very small cubes. Firm style tofu is best when barbecuing as it holds its shape.

   Soft styles do great when you want a soft mouth feel in texture for those more subtle dishes. Soft tends to blend better or quicker for pudding and pie fillings.


Our baked tofu in it's own Teriyaki Sauce is ready to eat right out of the container cut in thin slices and add to any salad. Heat in a microwave oven right in it's sauce for a very simple, hot meal. Broil it for a firmer surface and texture. Our already baked tofu is great as a main course or to add protein to a favorite Chile or salad.

The herb tofu works great for Mexican Food and Chinese Food. Already seasoned with several herbs you don't need to do much for a great tasting meal. Cook it up with a little oil, garlic and soy sauce and there you have it, easy and simple.